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Traxion Glacius Tire

Product Description

Introducing the Glacius, the ultimate winter tire for ATV and UTV riders. Designed and manufactured by Traxion Off-Road, the Glacius is the only tire of its kind on the market and will change the way you ride in winter. Say goodbye to limited traction, getting stuck, and losing control on the trails. With the Glacius, you'll have the Traxion you need to tackle any winter terrain.

The Glacius is equipped with 160 pre-molded stud holes, making it easy for you to take full advantage of studded tires for maximum traction on ice. And if studs are prohibited in your area, the Glacius will still outperform most ATV tires on the market on ice and groomed snow.

The tire is constructed with a 6-ply radial design based on an automotive-type carcass and features the Traxion ICE3 ultra-soft rubber compound. This rubber compound will not harden until temperatures reach -40°C, ensuring maximum traction and performance in the harshest winter conditions. The computer-assisted lugs are designed for optimal off-road forward traction and turn-in control, while the lug position and spacing is engineered to prevent packing, even in the worst conditions.

If you're a winter ATV or UTV rider, the Glacius is the tire for you. Take the guesswork out of studding your tires and let the Glacius do the work for you. Get ready to ride with confidence and control on any winter terrain. Let it snow!


Designed to never get stuck in the snow.

Ultra-soft rubber for smooth rides even at -40°C.

Ultimate traction for enhanced safety.

  • The Traxion Glacius is the industry's only ATV/UTV tire made specifically for winter and icy conditions.

  • 6-ply radial construction based on an automotive type carcass that puts more lugs to the ground.

  • Traxion ICE3 ultra-soft rubber compound. A rubber compound that will not harden until -40 deg Celsius.

  • Computer-assisted lugs designed for optimal offroad forward traction and turn-in control.

  • Lug position and spacing designed for maximum traction without packing - even in the worst conditions.

  • Pre-molded for 160 TSMI #17 carbide-tipped ice studs.

  • Note: Approved for winter use ONLY.







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