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About Us

Traxion Off-Road is a Canadian company that designs tires and parts for the ATV/UTV market. We have recruited a number of industry professionals over the years that help us create products that are tailor-made for our rugged weather and terrain. We as Canadians are truly blessed with the biggest ATV/UTV playground on this planet and this is why Traxion Off-Road was created. We believe in quality priced right and good old-fashioned customer service the Canadian way, with a smile and a handshake.


Go out and ride EH!


Rocks, gravel, dirt, sand and mud, we have it all up here in Canada! We encounter these conditions almost every time we go out riding. We design our product with just that in mind for durability and performance for riders like you. Everything we make gets ridden before going into mass production.


Traxion Off-Road will always go above and beyond to offer products in the good old fashioned way of “best bang for your buck”. Quality and performance at a price you can afford is what we strive for, that’s where the value is.


Countless hours of product testing goes into everything we make. We submit our products to some of the most grueling testing regiment: our own ATVs and UTVs! No fancy machinery, just a bunch of guys (and gals) trying to utterly destroy everything we make. And hey! It’s fun too!

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