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Traxion HDX Steel Wheel


Product Description

Introducing our steel wheel option for off-road enthusiasts. Featuring a lightweight D-window center design, this wheel is designed to provide strength and stability on rough terrains. The precision rolled rims and stamped high strength centers offer improved performance compared to OEM wheels, but with a similar look. The black powder-coated finish provides a durable, low-maintenance surface that can withstand tough conditions. This wheel offers a simple design at an affordable price, making it a solid choice for those who enjoy off-roading. At Traxion Off-Road, we strive to provide reliable products for our customers.


A shared passion of off-road adventures.

Confidence at the wheel, no matter the terrain or conditions.

Wheel designed specifically for Canadian trails.

  • Features a lightweight D-window center design

  • Precision rolled rims with stamped high strength centers; they’re 35% stronger than OEM wheels

  • Powder-coated black (much tougher and more corrosion- resistant than standard paint)

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