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Traxion Omega Tire


Product Description

Introducing the Omega from Traxion Off-Road - the ultimate tire for the Canadian trails. At Traxion Off-Road, we understand the importance of reliability, which is why we've spent 2 years rigorously testing the Omega to ensure it exceeds industry standards. With our tire expertise, we've designed the Omega to tackle any terrain with its carefully selected tread pattern and our new HD8 radial carcass derived from the automotive industry. The flat contact patch of the Omega provides maximum grip and even wear pattern, ensuring reliability on every adventure.

But we don't just stop at reliability, the Omega also features our TRX2 rubber compound, providing ultimate control without excessive wear. Our passion for off-road drives us to constantly improve our products, and the Omega is a testament to that. It is designed to rival and exceed the performance of the best touring tires on the market, making it the perfect tire for those who want to conquer the Canadian trails with confidence.

At Traxion Off-Road, we're dedicated to providing you with the best off-road experience possible, and the Omega is a reflection of that commitment.


A shared passion of off-road adventures.

Confidence at the wheel, no matter the terrain or conditions.

Tire designed specifically for Canadian trails.

  • Ultimate touring tire for the Canadian trails

  • 2 years of rigorous testing for reliability

  • Expertly designed tread pattern and HD8 radial carcass for maximum grip and even wear pattern

  • TRX2 rubber compound for ultimate control and reduced wear

  • Rival and exceed the performance of the best touring tires on the market

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