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Traxion Gripper Max Tire


Product Description

Are you in the market for a tough and reliable tire for your ATV or UTV? Look no further than Traxion Off-Road's Gripper Max! This brand has got you covered with their heavy-duty Traxion Gripper MAX tire.

This bad boy is built to handle whatever you throw at it. Whether you're a farmer needing a tire that can handle the toughest terrain, a workhorse looking for maximum grip, or a trail rider who wants a tire that can keep up with your adventures, the Traxion Gripper MAX has got you covered.

With its extreme-duty 8-ply rated radial carcass and non-directional tread, this tire is designed to give you optimal grip and smooth control on all terrains. And the reinforced sidewalls? They provide extra protection and stability, so you can tackle any obstacle with confidence.

In short, if you want a tire that's built to last, performs like a boss, and can handle anything life throws at it, then the Traxion Off-Road tire is the one for you!


A shared passion of off-road adventures.

Confidence at the wheel, no matter the terrain or conditions.

Tire designed specifically for Canadian trails.

  • Durable and reliable tire for ATV or UTV

  • Extreme-duty 8-ply rated radial carcass for optimal grip on all terrains

  • Non-directional tread for smooth and precise control

  • Reinforced sidewalls for maximum protection and stability

  • Ideal for farmers, work vehicles, and trail riders

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